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Wow, it's like a hybrid of the amorphophallus titanum and an octopus. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I love your tarot card series. So evocative and mysterious and LUSH.

Personally, I try to avoid getting caught within the reach of the tentacles of cosmic order in case they decide to strangle me - but still, what a beautiful card! :)

Thank you!

This is yet another image I saw in a dream and while it was disturbing in some way due to the fear we often associate with tentacles, it seemed to be showing me a process of creation. There was no good or bad, just pure creation. With tentacles. SO odd. Anyway, after these plants had sprouted up on an alien desert planet (I know, my dreams are very bizarre), the tentacles reached further and further from their roots and become entangled with like-minded tentacles from other plants growing nearby. Eventually the entangled masses of tentacles broke free of their respective plants and formed beautiful glittering spider web-like galaxies throughout the Universe. Go figure.


I think you have the awesomest dreams ever, 14. What's the writing in the lower right?

Hah! Kipling--As soon as I saw the image, I said, "Wow, that looks like a cross between an octopus and a corpse flower!"

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