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Calliope music played through the petals and buds in tandem with the gusts of humid air. The wheezing artificial tones made sense as my eyes followed the gold gilding that housed them, opposite the bursts of pistils and stamen that the amphibians tugged and pushed upon to thrust the filigreed machine into the air.

It crawled slowly through the swampy atmospheric stickiness at first: Humidity had a way of making the time travel function move at a narcotic saunter, initially. But the captain eased past the swollen poppy diodes and hopped to the pod's bottom, giving the elephant-eyed gold beast a push until the moistened air caught the device and began pulling it upward. Then he leapt back in,and with a tug at the throttle sent the pod into the clear and warm night.

WOW. So beautiful.

So beautiful, 14!

I love this 14! You are a fucking genius!

Beautiful, and with so much soul...

Thank you Brad! I hope we cross paths on the streets of SF one day.
xo 14

I love the frog!!
This is gorgeous 14!

These just keep on getting better and better...

Good point. I hadn't thugoht about it quite that way. :)

I would pay a shitload of money for a deck of these cards.

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