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Super neato bandito!

The amazing cosmic awareness of Duffy Moon!

So yummy and delicious! You're on a roll!

I love this! I love it!

Very erotic imagery all throughout this one, 14! I like it!

I LOVE this!!! Missing you, 14...

Was a pod, was a flower;

whatever random jumble of sounds uttered to describe it, it hung swollen,

its pink surface reddening in the tropical evening air until the glowing pulp burst out. Rivulets of the white substance separated in slow motion from the pod, rolling down the seed's round smooth surface. As they fell the oxygen turned them to pink

Each transforming droplet connected with the water, current sucking the globules deep into the tube. Each pink trail of fluid darkened to red--color of blood, color of earth--as they swam along the cavern heading to the earth's moist soil center

seedlings burrowing into the earthen walls carried by the warm musk-imbued water as the other plants at pondside panted and parted, pistils traversing the sticky pod surface

Sadly, I am seeing Cisco Adler when I look at the dripping flower!

Now you see why I've stopped doing so much celeb gossip art - that Cisco Adler photo scared me for life!


14 With the 'new' invasive screening at the airports I've stopped flying but after looking at your fantastic 'Streets of San Francisco' artwork tonight I feel as though I just took a trip there, minus Big Sis's goons searching and intimidation. Your artwork is so real to life this kind of travel was much less hectic, too and reminds me of how 'the city' often affected me in past visits. It's a beautiful city but with much visible sadness.
Leanne (in her 80s) Much love and appreciation to you 14.

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