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Your art just keeps getting more and more incredible...I love these. And it's so nice to see faces with life experience. The blank, unlined little faces of the young tell no stories.

Is she the ghost of artists passed?

...your portrait of the ghostly woman is wonderful! And the story of the open window at the top of the lonely mansion has made her very real to me. I love that she has a faint yellow aura around her head, as if she's breaking into this world from another dimension...

The ghostly woman portrait is simply stunning. Gorgeous....

You have a gift few have :)

Oh my goodness....... These are so beautifully drawn and painted! Oh my god. The middle piece with the dragon sculpture is simply gorgeous. I love everything about it: the color, movement, subject matter, the wrinkles, the pop of red lipstick...... Fantastic!
Beautiful work 14!

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