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You know the funny thing about your art party people is that even though I don't know them and I've never seen them before, they're incredibly familiar. Maybe every city has a rich-person art scene and all the rich-people art scenesters are clones of each other?

Anyway, the turtles are genius. Of course.


I'm glad you didn't blurgle:
"Darling! You don't know the half of it!" to the little turtle-to-be-queen.

Thanks to your talent I can feel their self-importance from HERE!

Superb! The snobbishness fairly OOZES out of that dude's smarmy face. Can't you picture them lounging on the patio of their Sarasota Modern home?

Ah, if only she knew! WOnderful!

When I scrolled down and saw the turtles, I burst out laughing. That is fantastic.

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