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This is magical!

I love you warts and all.

Tondi wiped her tear-soaked eyes, wringing diamonds of moisture from the silk kerchief she'd kept tucked 'neath her flowing gown. The drops cascaded down the trunk of the tallest tree in the swamp, until they spattered against the pliant skin of the vine.

The tentacles of plant matter expanded from the precipitation; nodules appeared against the threads of material, and small forms--green, wide-eyed, and ambiguous--wriggled in the middle of the opaque cysts blemishing the tendrils.

Some of the vine tips blushed, 'til their clear nubs turned orange and stretched into something resembling digits. Then one nodule swelled fuller and wetter than the others. Eyes formed; green, mottled speckling peppered the fluid-filled globe, and four distinct legs emerged from the sides. The Frog Vine opened its newly-formed mouth, licking its amphibious lips with a long, pink, viscous tongue.

"Frog springs from vine," Tondi said as her amber-shaded hand squeezed the kerchief and more rain fell to the carpet of moss surrounding the tree. "I know now."

One Froggy Evening...


coooool like the frog reminds me of my backyard.

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