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Very cool.

God that's beautiful.

An oak tree stood at the outside of the path, its branches flitting in the warm Louisiana breeze like the hand of a faded southern belle who'd just lost her kerchief. I sat at the edge of the creek, smelling the moistened bank and the unearthly blossoms that cast tufts of pollen haphazardly across my sightline.

I expected nothing but that heady smell, and the comfort engendered by the accompanying humid succulence; until a purring sound--like a sheet of plastic being buffeted by a gust, only more precise and graceful in its rhythm--danced in my ears.

She rose from a moist and glistening lilypad, three diamond-shaped membranes anchoring a triptych of umbilical appendages. The cords snapped silently and her figure began floating through the air, parrying around the snowflakes of white pollen. Her gorgeous yellow compound eyes cast a guileless gaze at me, and I held my right arm aloft as though reaching for those oak branches shuddering just beyond my grasp.

Her slender legs tickled the back of my hand as she alighted upon it.

Pretty Pretty and guppies to!

I would just like to thank you for the ad/sponsor suggesting that VT Yankee Nuclear Power Plant be closed!!
In yesterday's vote Yankee was defeated, but they can appeal. Seems like they should be trying to determine the source of their leaking problem, but I imagine their 'energy' will go to the appeal.
If only my beloved big O would harness his windiness and utilize that.
Love and Mucho Respect,
Your biggest fan (fan-wind-get-it?)

amazing pic, as always!

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