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I LOVE the shiny, spinning sparkles! They're the best part!
They make me want to skip and shout and shake my butt! I even had to restrain myself at the laundromat change machine today. When the coins danced out to me I wanted to sing: "Wheel-of-Fortune"!
But alas, I knew the lovely, ancient attendant would have to reprimand me-again! So I just whispered it to myself, like a magical incantation. Why, I bet there aren't really crazy people in the world. All those people one sees muttering are really just trying to behave with their personal mantras. It's harder than one would imagine.

I'm going to Vegas for my bff's stagette (which I need to PLAN! EEP!) at the end of April. I can't wait to see the Normals' with the Sparkely Shiney Things! I want to go to this strip bar "off the strip" where I hear old strippers go to die.. But I don't want to get a shiv in the ribs.. I have a feeling curiosity will win over safety.

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