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Love me Vittles,
Love me Stew....
All my meals fullfilled

Oh my Burgers
I eat you
with onions fresh-grilled...

You ain't nothin' but a chow hound
eatin' all the time,
Yeah,You ain't nothin' but a chow hound
eatin' all the time
You ain't never had a salad and your arteries have resigned!

They said you had a big ass,
well that was just a lie,
Yeah they said you had a big ass
well that was just a lie
It's more like a planet that fell
right from the sky!

Ladies and gentlemen:
Elvis has ate the building!

Elvis Sez; "You ain't nuthin' but a Hound Dog, Cryin' all the time, Well,make me peanut butta & bananas, then you'll be a friend of mine!"

Great Work, 14!

Damn it, I just came back from Vegas and I already regret leaving. I wish I got to see this show!

Nice work, 14, and I really enjoy this series.

Ahahah! That was such a fun night. I love the links you posted with it:)

Awesome. But I made the mistake of going to the Big Elvis site ... and watching a video. You make him look skinny in this picture!!!

Thanks everone!

Big Elvis used to weigh around 900 el bee's, but through diet, he's down to around 400 these days. Soon he'll have to change his name to Medium

we must go back soon!


Wow, a seventies-themed watering hole in Las Vegas. How come I haven't been there yet! Sounds killer. I know that Elvis is a synonomous icon with Sin City, but I think some other paradigms of that incredible decade should be given their own themed treatments as well. How about The Village People's Karoke Klub? Or Mork and Mindy reinterpereted as a one man show (which would be a lot better than what Robin Williams has been slinging out lately). How about Evel Knievel night at Circus Circus? The possibilities are endless. Another great illustration, 14. Bravo!

Oh his lower half (in your illustration) makes me laugh, laugh, laugh. I love it.

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