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Very nice. Question regarding process: do you scan in your ink drawing and then apply digital color? Does watercolor go on before the scan?

Thanks Curtis! This one is sort of an accident. I started with graphite and ink and wasn't planning on using watercolors, but went ahead and started using them anyway. Problem was, I didn't plan ahead and thus, didn't use wet media paper. Before I ruined the whole mess, I went ahead and scanned the rippled paper and finished it all digitally.

Note to self: Purchase some watercolor paper.



Captivating (as usual) you exhaust superlatives!


I'm pretty sure this is what my subconscious looks like.

There's something faintly Crumb-esque about these. I love them.

Crumbesque...a little.
Woodringesque for sure.
Nicely done.

Neither Crumb nor Woodring were top of mind when creating this, but those two geniuses are so deeply embedded in my consciousness that SURELY they must have had SOME influence. Oh swoon, how I love their art.

Thanks for your comments!


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