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I am so honored that you made a time machine for me ... and not a minute too soon (no pun intended). I'm about to blast off right NOW.
I love you for all the wonderful things you are.
Your BFF forever,

I just climb in there and get lost....

The cards are coming along great! Can't wait to see more ;-)

Very sexy, bizarre and beautiful ... i love that mind of yours, 14.

I REALLY want a set of these!

What Kipling said. I hope you plan on having them printed as a deck of cards--collectibles, playing cards, tarot, whatever. I just think these are cool. Remember the artist trading cards?

“…Around the eighth jump, the glittering metallic perfection of my time machine began changing...The platinum plating grew a skin of sorts; porous and mottled, like some alien animal. The gears, lights, and diodes metamorphosed into spines, blemishes, and ridges; yet still the device drove me to infinities fore and aft…”

Prof. K. J. Von Heckl, Time Travel and the Organic, Quatorze Press, 2034

The colors in this are GORgeous

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