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Wow.Guess the freaks don't just come out a night.

And they think we are strange in San Francisco, why?????

Oh my god I am so jealous!!!!

That squishy noise is my eyes falling out of my head! How do you manage a camera? I would be bumping into everyone just trying to walk around at this event. But then, I'm a goofy 12 year old, so I always have that problem!

Is it odd that my first thought upon seeing is how hot some of these outfits were? The guy in all black leather and the gas mask must have sweated off about ten pounds.

Maybe I've been in the Bay Area too long, this kind of looks like fun to me.

There is such creativity here! Wonderful pics, 14!

Fabulous photos. The one with the lady and the DW stickers... you commented that you hadn't noticed that guy until after you took the photo... and I had to look back at the photo, thinking "What guy?" and then was busting my ass laughing... and now it's all I can see too.

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