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I'm endlessly intrigued by Frank Chu. It's been unsettling over the last two years as the number of Galaxies, which had been stable at 12 for a decade, started growing exponentially. 44; 257; 3,567; 4,677,999... He got up over 85 trillion and took all references to the galaxies off the sign for a few months... and then it was back on again, but a lower number... and then it was off again. It's all very confusing, but I think I'm getting closer to figuring it out.

It was cool to see other luminaries in the field.

I love that the tag on the cuff of his suit is still there... Is he planning on returning it?

Maybe this is why they say the "West Coast is the Best Coast"!

I can't wait to join you crazies out West. Make way for Jerms!


One has to love such an equal opportunity Cheeses Freak, he has something for everyone. But as an 'effeminate reviler' (too clumsy to be a proud drunk) I have to ask two things"
What is the Malicious ---mongerers? I can't make out the word, and I might be that as well.
And, what is the 'process' for building these signs? Do you think they sit before the cozy fire place with a nice glass of Cabernet, like I do when I am fashioning books and cards for friends?
Thank you 14, for sharing such a fantastic slice of city life! Can't wait to see it in person!

As a long lost friend of mine, Denny once said, "Bitches are crazy."

I need to get down there so I can see The Brown Twins first hand. They're my second reason for visiting of course, but still...

Hello, my future! I will be wearing a top hat instead of a cowboy hat and the hair will be red of course, but it'll be leopard print all the way!

Isn't San Fran just the best place in the whole world? Being only 15 minutes away, I have an opportunity to enjoy this magnificent place at my leisure, lavish myself (when my bank acct allows it) in great clothing from some of the most well known designer stores, choose from an endless selection of restaurants for a snack, learn about how God hates the proud and the drunk (or is that the drunk and the proud? I get them confused.), gain an understanding of new and unintelligible words to build my vocabulary with, and learn some astronomy without the troublesome hassle of going across the city to Golden Gate Park. Great pix, 14. You're the best!

I'm with you tipsy! The Brown girls are HOT! Ditto the red hair & leopard print, but I tend to favor big straw hats.

Thanks for the laugh I totally needed it.

I checked out the twins too, how interesting they are.

Renee xoxo

Loved the typography on the first two. Must be an out of work graphic designer.

As an old, wise, raving idiot once said, "You are going to hell you fuzzy-eyed sodomite!"

The first sign looked very familiar to me, then I remembered where I saw it. It's just like the cover of a Boy George EP called Sweet Toxic Love. Here's a link to the cover art. http://www.rockofages.uk.com/stock/13221.jpg
What do you think?

I wish this guy would just get off my back!!

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