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Your work is so amazing and you are so funny.

Renee xoxo


I read a story about one of these japanese boys who was turning a job down. He was trying to decide whether to style his hair on the day he was going to decline the offer and couldn't decide because custom dictated that in order for the boss to save face he was able to pour cold noodle soup over the the would-be employees head in front of the staff.

Oooh! Love them all, especially briar patch boy!

These pieces came out so well. The term "unsettling beauty" is a dead on description to describe these guy's appearance, because, WOW, are these guys efeminate looking. I am not saying this as a dig against their looks, but the images are striking. And, as always, you're artwork is amazing, 14!

Your art is nice, but when you do your "make fun of japanese culture" artwork, its getting abit repeatitive, especially with the little nonsensical english, and little octopus bear things. I think it would have been better without that, its like you just thought, oh lets throw in an octopus bear thing, what the hey!.


I'm sorry the octopus bear and the reverse engrish offends you. I certainly have no intention of "making fun of Japanese culture" because if you ask me, it's one of the most compelling cultures on our planet.

As for the "octopus bear", I just threw that in because of all the silly cartoon things Japanese products tend to throw on their packaging. All the little cartoon figures of things like smiling toilet brushes, happy crabs (spotted on a package of "Party Crab" snacks) and gleeful vacuum cleaners never fail to delight me.



Japanese do it better.

I love this rice boy chic.

Hi 14! One of the things I miss about living in Japan is the pretty J-boys. Hours of entertainment. One of my students wrote in her journal one time about a rock start she loved, "He is a man, but he is a beauty." Classic. After seeing this post and your previous testosterone freaks, I'd love to see your rendition of a body builder with a pretty J-boy head. Interesting mutant.

Keep up the good work. You are a great talent!

Sennyo--so lithe and graceful that his black-booted feet barely clicked against the cement--strode along Kawaramachi-dori placidly. The neon danced, chanted, and screamed against the pavement, and the honeycombs of windows refracted it all back; but no garish hue, no harsh light, no cumbersome display of emotion dared violate the boy's elegant features. His pale and gently chiseled face generated its own light.

He owned this Asphalt-and-Illusion-choked stretch of Kyoto. The pachinko palaces vomited up dozens of almost-as-beautiful kids in eye-straining blues, pinks, and reds; and the eyes of locals and gaijin alike glowed from the artificial illumination. Every one of them either ran with Sennyo, or were potential prey for him and his Fineboys.

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