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DId you consider that the grunting might be over looking at you!?!?!


My main gripe with these monsters is that they tend to leave puddles of sweat behind them and alot of them don't put their weights away when they are done. Like its some kind of a mark of how awesomely strong they are to leave the bars loaded with 45's.

Love the pink bow on the second guy!

That top guy made me burst out laughing. And I hadn't even made it to the guy with the pink bow yet. Shit these are funny.

The pink bow guy is so cute! Can I take him home? Wait, I don't think I could afford to feed him even one meal.

I dated a muscle nut once, what a waste of my time, the guy was so into himself he couldn't take his eyes off his flexing arms and heaving chest, In the throws of passion I excused myself, got dressed, grabbed my purse, and left.

Oh, midevil, you can afford to feed a muscle nut, they eat brown rice and raw vegetables, they don't want to desecrate their most precious temple.

What is really creepy is what these guys do to their bodies with chemicals and drugs to reduce fat and even hydration so their veins pop out and they get super-ripped. Beyond the steroids, they are doing insulin and other stuff that screws with your body's basic operating system. It is insane. Esp. when you look at natural body builders and see the result of weight lifting without the chemicals.
great drawings as always, 14!

You're just jealous of their perfect bodies due to working out, healthy diet and clean living.....oh, also drugs, lots of drugs and more drugs...did i say drugs? :)
Pink bow mans gonna be furious if he sees this, doubt it though as his site browsing is www.steroidsweekly.com www.whyaremytestessmall.com www.lookimbloated.com

Funny stuff 14, as usual.

WOW these are good!

I think you really got talent, i mean gosh that`s a great drawing :| can i use the orange pic in one of my blog posts??

Thank you Johnny.

Of course you can use it in a blog post, just be sure and give a link back : )


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