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The second version of the picture turned out so incredible. I'm not an artist, so I'm not familliar with the proper descriptive terms that apply to the art world, but I'm guessing that it turned into more of an abstract interpretation based on how you modified it from the original. Its so beautiful! The colors are amazing. Excellent work, 14!

Ooooh dats fantaaaastic! It makes me think of Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Why do I get the feeling that body builder guy up top looks the exact same when he's taking a dump?

I especially fing hilarious men with buly upper bodies coupled with skinny sticklegs. There was a guy at a gym I used to go to who had huge arms, pecs, with a washboardstomache and spindly spider legs.He look ridiculous.

The second pic is gorgeous! Looks like he's underwater and he's all oiled up!

@psychochick - San Ramon 24hr fitness is filled with those guys. they never do any lower body work ... have chicken legs ... wear long gym pants to hide the fact ... many losing hair, so they wear baseball hats too. but massive pecs and biceps ...

I concur Mid, it's like 14 magically aligned sea creatures to create him!

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