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This is fucking genius! Post it on myspace!

I will definitely be one of the first people to buy that book from you. I absolutely love all of your botanical inspired pieces, even contemplated getting a few of them tattooed on me.

A book, sweet! This is amazing... first it looks like a gleeful toad with a dangling thick tongue, but then I see so many strange, beautiful things...

Is it supposed to make me horny? Its like a botanical orgy. You rule, 14!

Typical genius myt dear....what I am not certain of though, is if you realize you've created is botanifractal.
Of course it endears you to me all the more


It reminds me of the light side of Bosch, Nicolas Culpeppers Herbal and Mignola. It doesn't 'look' like it, that's just what jumps to mind. Very organic and colorful. Can't wait for the book.

Book! Boooooook! Can't wait.

this is AMAZING! so beautiful and intriguing! i wish i could be talented like you.

This piece is so beautiful!

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