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i do not recall licensing my life story to your site.

I love your works on recyled paper. I also love this one because I love frogs. Thank you for sharing your works.

I'm in love with that twig chair.. it looks like something I could build out of junk, although probably not sturdy enough to sit in. But also the heart looks like a piece of scrap metal, which makes the whole thing just adorable.

He told himself it would come in a sudden bolt like Zeus lobbing flashing cataclysm from on high or a heart attack but it had actually crept upon him covertly, like smoke rising from a burning pile of hallucinogenic leaves that gradually stirred its way into his brain and to some extent his circulatory system; specifically the part of his anatomy that the poets think they know so authoritatively. But they couldn't know it the way he knew it because it was dancing in his selfish and confused head for the first time. This new reality spawned the emergence of all sorts of wild animals and beasts and surging choruses of waves crashing against her body in his head: She was mythic and vulnerable and luminous and hummed like the bees honored enough to harvest the honey. Never detached, always rooted deeply in the earth yet absorbing all the tears that heaven shed and using the precipitation to grow even more beautiful and wondrous than before--which was speaking volumes that made Scheherezade sound shorn and bereft of imagination.

Froggie? - Augie? That is a little to close and spooky for me. If you have been channeling, you should have let me known.

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