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Hi 14,

Strong (zap!) and striking art design,like lightning bolts to the heart! Just by looking at your card, I can feel those glass shards.

I look forward to seeing more. I'm also drawn to numbers including patterns, combination and what some would feel are coincidences. I haven't used them in my art yet. I often use them in my poetry and prose.

BTW, today, when I found you, I my post was a numerical palindrome (919) on 9-19: a significant to me as you read by another sappy artist (me), who also loves hearts.

I looked at many pieces of your work here but no time to comment on each of those luscious images.

Ironically, I was about to scoot out of here, after having *found* you yesterday and VOILA! I see "Found" magazine linked in your side bar. I met them when they were on tour with PostSecret! So, it was in the cards for you and I to cross paths.


Crack is whack!

She is very defiant, so she won't let one shattered incident get her down!

my favourite of the cards so far!! something a little gaiman-esque about it. a playing card with its own mind.

I really love the shattered glass in this. Awesome!

i also have a serious thing for number 5 and that is my fav card too!
my silly hobby is to take photos of number 5's
donno if you on facebook but search for 5 in groups ... such fun :)

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