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It's like a vortex. I can't look away. Heeeellllllp.

You really got in there! Voluminous, supple and nicely depicted in black & white.

At the top of my screen is the title for your other posting: "When Worlds Collide Part Too". I'm thinking that works well as a title for this post as well:"When Cheeks Collide"
Either way it seems you're putting Lipstick on a pig!


I think I like this place even better than GOTA!

so ... your ass-crack fetish is in full bloom i see ...

Oh please "Spanky", YOU should be talking.


Nope, I just love all the myriad of forms the human body can shape itself in.

ps - I like this place better than GOTA too!


They're like dark vortexes that suck all fabrics into them!

L O V E I T.

You are awesome.

The guy on the last page is literally eating his shorts. Or his butt is anyway.

Blessed are the ones with big asses ... I don't know what to say, but it is fascinating!

Damn, man. I wish I could draw.

Smiling- You captured those beckoning tush folds well!

14, has anyone told you before, that you're a genius?

I just wonder - is the vertical 'plumber's smile' out of fashion already?

There is a species that inhabits nothing but stretch pants and can be found daily at your local Dollar General. I think the fatness has clogged just enough of the carotid artery to instill in them the delusion of sexiness.

amazing! so much like daniel clowes

This is the very reason I don't wear shorts. My butt eats shorts too. I'll never forget one summer, it was so hot and I decided to wear a nice new pair of shorts to go to the corner store for some bread. I literally took 10 steps off the porch, felt the shorts being swallowed up with each step, turned directly around and went back inside to change. It simply was not worth the embarrassment of step-step-pull for an entire block.

I am laughing so hard I am crying!

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