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Were I around I would have done more than what is within my powers to sooth you....interesting that you used snake eyes to define the 2......that guy couldn't be trusted anyway


if you need solace, or a private serenade ... you know where to find me ... xox kb

Another great card, 14. Setting aside the emotion that went into the subject, I want to compliment you on the depth of the art. I love the fact that the heart is in a window. It is reminiscent of the levels of symbology in, say, the Rider-Waite deck.

God, I sound like a tool. :-|

This is incredible. I love this. What a fucking fool! What an idiot!

Three/four time, it is a waltz in that time give or take the two or three catches in the throat or three or four maybe; her jaded detachment would have galled had she not looked like Florence Nightingale in Boticelli voluptuousness.

Her mind could be never be read nor her aloofness shed, as her gray matter was too multi-tiered and hyper-contoured for me to compete though I still compete in my own head periodically. the other day she walked near the window after having been invisible for months; she held another's hand but glanced over and there was a ghost of what lived and pulsed in the eye contact between us until guilt and the warning bell sobered us.

Anyone who has not felt this has not felt

You said it, potato-friend.

It is one of two pieces of art that I own that I respect. Thank you.

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