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Neptune needs to be more patient, and observing....had he taken the time to look, he would have noticed the young bride was on an antiquidated phone with a cord....restricting her movement...which would have allowed him to sumon his electric eel to stun the unsuspecting bride, and have his way with her tantilizing anemones.


Love the cards

Gorgeous! I love the hair-it's a creature in its own right!

She kind of reminds me of you. I love this. Will there be a print? I love the way you paint/draw women.

I've been coming to your page(s) for several months now, and I truly enjoy your art. This one is so beautiful, I saved it as my desktop wallpaper :) I'm an artist too, though I can only dream of being as prolific as you are. You're an inspiration!

The photos are gorgeous. I see the same beauty in San Diego. Are you neptune' nemesis? Your art is getting more lovely and more loving.

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