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More more more!

forgot about this one, and it popped up as i scrolled the page ... a whole new laugh! thanks ...

I wonder if she'd stopped taking her meds. How something so ugly can inspire artwork.

maybe she wasn't angry, but envious of your youth and beauty? nonetheless, balloons should have lightened her mood ;)

I'm sorry but that's hilarious.

I can't stand how funny this is! I may faint from laughter!

Poor soul, that is the visage she got from nature. She was probably wearing the balloon hat in attempt to soften the harshness of her natural expression. But thanks for all of your other spot-on illustrations!

I promise you, this woman was ANGRY. Don't make fun of me (okay, you can make fun of me), but I have the ability to pick up on others' energy and hers was swirling with anger and spread about her like a dark storm. I kid not.


Maybe she was having a great day, then got into a towering row with her hubby and stormed off. She was so angry, she forgot she was wearing the balloon hat. Then she got even angrier coz everyone was giving her funny looks and giggling, and she couldn't work out why.
Or perhaps this is her 'happy' face?!

Really, really fabulous work, 14.

I think I like this place better than GOTA too... as it is, I was never much into reading on celebrities and mostly visited for the surreal and whimsical artwork. I liked that you teased and mocked those nobodies media masquerades as the Very Important People.

And I love, love, love your posts on Human Behaviour <3

Keep posting, 14 and may you continue to find joy in your artwork as much as we do!

I think the title is what took the cake
"the angriest woman to ever wear a balloon hat" aha

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